FICC HomePage Description

Throughout this web site, there are photos of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with disabilities and their families. These photos depict a broad range of cultural and ethnic diversity.

The following pictures appear randomly on our home page:

Photo 1: Adult hand massaging baby's foot
Photo 2: Female adult with two toddler boys on the beach on a sunny day
Photo 3: Adult male with two toddler boys playing in sand
Photo 4: Family portrait of mother, father, and child
Photo 5: Father, mother, and young son in park setting
Photo 6: Mother smiling and holding baby
Photo 7: Father smiling and talking to baby son in swing
Photo 8: Daughter in father's arms hugging him
Photo 9: Grandfather holding young granddaughter
Photo 10: Mother smiling and holding her baby
Photo 11: Father whispering into baby's ear
Photo 12: Little girl playing with her baby sibling
Photo 13: Group hug: mother and father hugging their baby

There are also three stationary photos on this page of toddlers: one boy and two girls.

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